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Frequently asked questions

To contact our customer service, please send an email 
to admin@myameds.com

What is Myameds?

At Myameds, we serve as your comprehensive health and wellness partner for various conditions. Through our platform, Myameds facilitates virtual medical consultations and coordinates cost-effective, high-quality prescription treatments, all within the comfort of your home—the place where you feel most at ease. Our expertise extends beyond conditions that may cause discomfort, encompassing acute, subacute, and chronic disease care. Every one of our physicians, based in the US, conducts a thorough assessment of each patient and prescribes medication therapy when suitable. Our mission centers on delivering accessible, affordable, and top-notch healthcare solutions to individuals and communities spanning multiple states. Continually expanding our offerings, Myameds provides diverse care options, irrespective of insurance coverage, at a fraction of our competitors’ rates. Explore our services firsthand, complete with complimentary 2-day shipping and an unmatched convenient online experience.

What is the Myameds process?

Choose the therapy required, click on ‘Start My Free Visit,’ and respond to a brief set of medical questions. Our team of US-based doctors will thoroughly review your provided information and prescribe medications as necessary. Expect to receive feedback from one of our doctors within approximately 24 hours. In certain States, a video consultation or live chat will be necessary. If so, one of our doctors will reach out to you to conduct and finalize your consultation using the required method.

How much does Myameds cost?

You may qualify for a complimentary consultation with your order. Should medication be suitable, you can acquire it via the Myameds platform at significantly reduced prices compared to other websites, often even more cost-effective than your neighborhood pharmacy.